Who are we?

MultiTask’s motto is “Everything is possible”.

We offer customers a personal service.
Our great and varied experience is a benefit to our customers.
Quick quality service is our goal and we aim for the best solution.

We can help with devices, surveillance cameras and even marketing on the internet.

MultiTask ehf was established by Heimir Snær Gylfason in the year 2008. Heimir’s experience and education in the field of multimedia and electronics was quickly recognized by the local community.

Meet the MultiTask team

  • Heimir Snær Gylfason
    Heimir Snær Gylfason

    Project manager for Sjókall and electrical work in east Iceland

    • Patryk

      Project manager for electrical and technical work in and around the capital city of Reykjavík.
      Service manager of Sjókall

      For Individuals

      We offer a personal quality service for everyone regarding repairs, buying electronic products and equipment or setting up software and websites.

      For Companies – Big or Small

      We have a great deal of experience setting up and maintaining computer and internet systems, in large housings and small. We also service ships with computer and internet systems.

      In our store we have a varied selection of products related to the fishing industry and sailing. These products can also be used in other industries.



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