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MultiTask ehf – a young Icelandic company based in Neskaupstadur, started production and sale of an updated version of Sjókall (“OceanCall”), a small location device that slots into a life jacket. Sjókall works on the premise that if a crewman falls overboard, the device is activated automatically and within 20 seconds a distress call is sent directly to the ship’s radio and AIS receivers. Time is critical in this type of emergency, and it is imperative that rescue operations are initiated immediately.

Simultaneously to the distress call being sent to the ship, another goes to the Coast Guard Operations Centre and within a minute a GPS position for the casualty becomes available on the radio screen, and if available, the ships plotter. The GPS position is renewed every minute for thirty minutes on AIS, whereafter it displays a new position every five minutes in order to conserve battery power. Further technical aspects are available at

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Síldarvinnslan hf. is one of the companies that has purchased Sjókall units for all of its vessels, and MultiTask worked closely with them while Sjókall was still in the developmental stages. The Coast Guard and its operations centre have also closely followed development and testing, which has exceeded every expectation.

Sjókall is a compact piece of equipment that can make all the difference in a man-overboard emergency!


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